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posted on 8/18/2014, with 0 notesreblog
I like to pretend she’s hiding something behind her back
but in truth is I hate drawing arms/hands
I’ll probably go back and fix the lazy arm job sometime later, and might color it. :3c
posted on 8/14/2014, with 1 notereblog

I have a bunch of unfinished art open in sai


accurate representation of my followers in background

posted on 8/14/2014, with 2 notesreblog

Life + Moving Update

I figure now is a good time to bring this up. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be completely moved back into my parents house. I’m not looking forward to it but I have no other options.
My boyfriend and I are perfectly okay, we just can’t afford to be on our own right now. We’re planning to go back to school, and since I don’t have a job right now we’re barely making ends meat.

This will only be a temporary living situation and in the future we’ll either be out on our own again in NY or all the way in GA.
But because I’ll be moving back home I wont have internet access of my own for a good long time, so I’ll be using my grandmas internet since her house is within walking distance or be online when at the house of my boyfriends mom and her fiance.

Hopefully I wont have to bum off internet for too long though! I’ve been putting in applications everywhere and even emailed a guy who’s looking for people to help work in frat houses, which I’ve been told brings in some decent money. Sooo things are going to be tough for a while but I’m looking forward to getting back on track with my life.

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sometimes I like to do silly things with my good pal emmy
posted on 8/12/2014, with 2 notesreblog
posted on 8/12/2014, with 2 notesreblog
My boyfriends car broke down today. which is our only way of transportation.
It might be the engines busted and if his warranty doesn’t cover it we’re gonna have a hunk of junk sitting in the drive way AND he’ll still have to make payments on it, and it still has to has insurance.
So yeah
we’re screwed over in yet another area of our lives. =w=
posted on 8/10/2014, with 1 notereblog

I drew Waif a thing.

I got a thing because someone loves me
posted on 8/8/2014, with 2 notes (source: yammyarts) — reblog
Decided to try our that YCH thing…
For a new outfit - $15.00 USD for the sailor scout bikini - $10.00 USD *These will be done in full color *You can pick whatever sailor scout color you want, just be sure to let me know! I’m also willing to make adjustments to the body itself. (Different eye shape, turn into an anthro, ect.) I’m not very good at fancy backgrounds but I will do my best to create one of your choice!  I will only be accepting payments through PAYPAL. I will also take multiple of these. *Note me please
*crickets* 彡(。-ω-)ノ彡
posted on 8/5/2014, with 0 notesreblog
Calamity has gone digital
posted on 8/4/2014, with 2 notesreblog