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i need my desk back ;_;
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warm up doodle
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Terrible quality for waif crazyspazz

Berruuuu <3
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Drew a draw of Berry
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Found this cool character site

It’s very useful if you have a butt load of characters like myself so you can keep track.

I’ll be adding all of my characters over time. There are some I don’t even have drawings of on this computer so I have to dig around elsewhere and/or draw something more recent.

But you guys should go check it out!

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Me when I save an unfinished drawing as a PNG instead of a SAI
and the sketch layer was still viewable :D
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I like to pretend she’s hiding something behind her back
but in truth is I hate drawing arms/hands
I’ll probably go back and fix the lazy arm job sometime later, and might color it. :3c
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I have a bunch of unfinished art open in sai


accurate representation of my followers in background

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